Reading and Writing Like Brain Aging

Reading and Writing

California, Reading books and playing the puzzle has been known to decrease the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease. A recent study may explain why it happened. It turned out that these activities reduce the accumulation of harmful proteins in the brain.

In that study, the elderly, who confessed to the mentally stimulating activities throughout his life has little beta-amyloid deposits, which is typical of proteins that have Alzheimer’s. The finding was irrespective of sex education participants or old.

“The findings suggest that cognitive therapy that stimulates the brain can slow the progression of this disease, if applied before symptoms appear,” said researcher William Jagust, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley’s Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute.

Researchers have discovered that Alzheimer’s is a complex disease that has more than one cause. The study has been published in the journal Archives of Neurology.

The researchers asked 65 healthy adults aged 60 and over mentally to assess how often they engage in activities that sharpen mental abilities such as going to the library, read a book or newspaper and write letters or emails.

The participants were also given tests to assess memory and other mental abilities, as well as receive scan positron emission tomography (PET) using a new compound that was developed to visualize amyloid protein. Brain scans of the participants are then compared with 10 patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and 11 healthy people in their 20s.

The researchers found a significant association between high levels of mental activity during a lifetime with lower levels of PET. Elderly with the highest number of lifetime mental activity also have high levels of amyloid comparable to young people. Conversely, adults who reported the lowest level of mental activity have comparable levels of amyloid with Alzheimer’s disease patients.

“Our data shows that people who all his life engaged in mental activity has a greater effect than people who only mentally active in old age,” says co-researcher, Susan Landau as reported myhealthnewsdaily.

However, the researchers say it would not hurt to train the brain at a later date. The researchers noted that the buildup of amyloid can also be influenced by genes and aging.One third of study participants aged 60 years and over have some storage amyloid in their brains, but some of them are still many who can read and write well.

Placenta Stem Cell Decision to harm Mother and Baby

Placenta Stem Cell

The collection of cord blood containing stem cells has become a trend insome countries. But experts warn, this procedure can sometimes increase the risk of death in mothers and newborns.

Placental blood sampling procedures performed shortly after the baby is born. Before the cut, the umbilical cord was tied with clamps in order to accumulate and then suckedhis blood to be stored in a frozen condition to be used at any time if needed.

The experts warned, sometimes the umbilical cord binding procedure is done tooquickly that the blood flow to the baby’s body has not been enough. As a result babiesdeprived of oxygen and nutrients that should be in the blood, thus prone to disability oreven death.

In addition, cord blood collection is feared can also distract the midwife should focusattention to maternal and infant breathing. It is feared that if busy collecting cord blood,the midwife’s attention suddenly distracted when there is bleeding or shortness of breath.

“Many midwives and nurses asked for help to take cord blood while on duty. The focusshould remain to the mother and baby, while the blood can be taken in addition tomidwifery officer,” said Sue Macdonald, manager of the Royal College of Midwives as quoted from Dailymail.

Cord blood contains millions of cells that can be used as stem cells or stem cells. In the future, these stem cells can be used separately address rare diseases associated withabnormalities in the blood such as leukemia.

Stem cells used to treat leukemia patients can be taken from the placenta itself is takenat birth, and came from donors. Currently in Britain there were about 2,000 donors / yearwho donated cord blood for patients with leukemia.

Five Health Benefits of Reading Books

read books

Most people are so busy with life so that not enough time to read books, people prefer to watch movies, television or playing computer games. And reading is not only enriching but also useful insights for health.

Diligent reading can make people rich in insight and information. Also, read to the brain and beneficial to health.

At least there are 5 benefits of reading for health, as reported by Lifemojo, namely:

1. Train the brain
One advantage of reading the book is an exercise brain and mind. Reading can help keep the brain in order to always perform its functions perfectly. While reading, the brain is required fatherly think more so it can make people more intelligent. But to this brain exercise, read the book should be done routinely.

2. Relieve stress
Stress is a risk factor of several dangerous diseases. the beauty of language in writing to have the ability to calm and reduce stress, especially reading fiction before bed. This method is considered bagu to cope with stress.

3. Distancing risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Reading really can immediately increase the power of brain tissue. When reading, the brain will be stimulated and the stimulation (stimulation) regularly can help prevent brain disorders including Alzheimer’s disease.

Research has shown that brain exercises such as reading books or magazines, playing crossword puzzles, Sudoku, etc. can delay or prevent memory loss.According to the researchers, these activities stimulate the brain cells to connect and grow.

4. Develop healthy sleeping patterns
If you’re used to reading books before bed, then it acts as an alarm for the body and sends the signal that it is time to sleep. This will help you get to sleep soundly and wake refreshed in the morning.

5. Increasing concentrations
People love to read will have a brain that is more concentration and focus. Because of this focus, the reader will have the ability to have full attention and practical in life. It also develops skills of objectivity and decision-making.

So do not just spend hours watching television or playing computer games, but also take time to read books. Good habits that will not only refreshes the mind but also provides benefits for health and life.

Disease Bubble Man Origin Indonesia Into Spotlight The International

Foreign media review Chandra Wisnu strange disease (57 years) who came from Indonesia. Chandra Brown earned the nickname ‘Bubble Man‘ as his body filled with tumors that are very severe.

International media from Britain and Australia to review about ‘Bubble Man’, among others TheSun,, dailytelegraph which then word spread widely to many countries to South Africa.

Chandra Wisnu (57 years) derived from Indonesia is considered one of the few people in the world who have a rare skin disease that causes bumps like big bubbles grow all over his body.

Lesions that bubble began to grow in the face of a father of 4 children since the age of 19 years. By the time he was 24 years old, the lesions had spread to his back and at the age of 32 lesions had almost covered his entire body.

In early disease, Chandra’s parents took him to several doctors and dermatologists, but doctors are still puzzled by the severity of symptoms.

According to doctors the condition of Chandra is genetic and may be caused by abnormalities in the nervous system that causes benign tumors grow on the skin or bone.

Doctors never prescribe a cream, but did nothing to stop lesions from spreading. Because they can not find a cure and no longer able to pay for medical care, Chandra was forced to stay alive with a very strange condition.

“There is no specific treatment for my illness, I was just told to look for one after another dermatologist because they do not know how to treat me. After that, my father did not believe there is another reason to take me to the hospital again and I have yet to see the doctor again since then, “said Chandra Brown, who did not mention details of the place of origin, as reported by Thesun.

Strange disease has a major impact on the lives of Chandra. He said the lump becomes very itchy and sore when the weather is hot. To prevent itching and avoid in order not to be noticed, Chandra always wore three layers of jackets and headgear as she left the house.

Chandra also rarely leave the house since the lumps are growing evenly all over his body.

“People never mocked me directly but they stared at and avoided me. Most people act so weird around me. It makes me feel very insecure and angry when people treat me differently. People are scared, they scared to face I was terrible and worried it might be infectious diseases. So I avoid people, I rarely go out except to pick up my daughter from school Hasunns. And when I do, I covered my head and my face because I do not want my daughter’s friends taunted because it has a father with a terrible face, “said Chandra Vishnu.

Tri Nanik Haryani, wife Chandra (33 years) said that over time the disease began to change the look of Chandra. Chandra told his wife walked away and never come back.

“But I refused. To see him get on with life despite her appearance changed for me is the great strength, not weakness,” said Nanik.

But Chandra has now decided to reveal his face to the world in an effort to find a cure for the disease. Moreover, he also began to worry after finding his eldest son Ananda Martin (32 years) and his daughter Lis Candra (26 years), began to develop symptoms of the same disease.

Chandra was not able to bring her children to the doctor and he feared his daughter’s son would have a similar fate.

“I never bring my kids to the doctor to know this disease because we can not afford expensive medical bills. They only have a few small tumors now, but they are worried it will get worse. If there is a chance to get free treatment, I’ll take that chance, but now my family is the treatment I need, “added Chandra.

Chandra case this remind in the case of Dede Koswara, a resident of West Java, dubbed as the root because the whole body of human diseases that resemble overgrown tree roots. Certainly not the real root that grows in her body, but a sort of warts caused by Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV).

Bicycle Ambulance Loss Solution For Emergency Care

London, the density of traffic in major cities into separate problems for paramedics to cope with emergency conditions. When ambulances are powerless against congestion,bicycle ambulances could be the solution for first aid.

The traffic density is also experienced by other cities such as London. In this city, the bicycle has long been empowered to provide public services in a traffic jam for example by cycling patrols by police officers.

No exception for emergency services, since 2000, several hospitals and health facilities in London began using the bicycle to visit patients. Bicycle ambulances was used if ambulances can not reach their location.

“The idea initially to reach patients more quickly, because in the middle of dense traffic in central London there are always thousands of emergency calls each year,” said Tom Lynch, manager of Cycle Response Unit as quoted from Medicalnewstoday.

As one of the bicycle ambulance operators, Cycle Response Unit serves an average of 1000 emergency calls each year. With the number of calls that much, bicycle ambulance is expected to be able to save time by approximately 5,000 hours each year.

Not to mention if the calculated fuel consumption, a bicycle ambulance is much more efficient and thus environmentally friendly. Lynch estimates that fuel could save approximately equivalent with 20,000 ambulance trips if Terliht since 2000.

Indeed, not all types of emergency calls can be overcome by bicycle ambulance. Given the limitations of equipment that could be taken, 97 percent call for an ambulance bicycle only come from the heart attack patients who really need help as soon as possible.

Each bicycle ambulance unit in London operated by trained personnel, equipped with a variety of standard equipment because it is not possible unless the stretcher carrying a patient. But tools such as pacemakers and Electrocardiograph (ECG) is quite useful to give first aid.

Not only the big cities like London, bicycle ambulances can also be found in other cities in developing countries. Countries in sub-Saharan African region for instance, many are already implementing bicycle ambulances to reach villages that can not be visited by car.

One of the countries in Africa that uses a bicycle ambulance is Malawi. In a country where 50 percent of the birth of her baby has not been carried out by medical personnel, the presence of bicycle ambulances greatly help reduce maternal and child mortality rates.

10 Disease Can Be Alleviated By Eating Durian

Durian-http://healthylifecarenews.comDurian is a tropical plant that originated from Southeast Asia, and the name of the fruit can be eaten. The name is taken from a typical hard rind and sharp grooved so as to resemble thorns. His title of the most popular (King of Fruits), and durian is a fruit that controversial. Although many who love it, anyone else sick of the smell.

Hear durian comes to mind is a delicious fruit but evil as a super high fat content. But do not be afraid first, if not excessive durian eating can be just as medicine. Durian’s most lots contain carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Not only that, other substances such as fiber, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, zinc and iron are also present in it.

Because of the high calorie, hot durian fruit so that patients with diabetes or pregnant women are not encouraged to eat durian. Just imagine that in 100 grams of durian contains 147 kcal. That means if people eat 1 kg of durian, the number of calories she has received 1470 kcal or is comparable to eating for one day.

Durian also contains a lot of sugar, although there are biological manganese that can keep sugar levels stable. For pregnant women, the durian is believed to no good because they contain lots of sugar and a little alcohol.

Although no studies that prove that the Durian triggers contractions and a miscarriage, pregnant women are always advised not to eat too much of this fruit. digestive disorders can also occur if the durian is consumed along with alcohol.

Research at the University of Tsukuba, Japan and even proves sulfur content in durian can inhibit the metabolism of alcohol and can cause death. Well, that’s all the dangers that exist on durian if you eat too much or be coupled with high-cholesterol foods such as meat or alcohol.

On the other hand, durian, dubbed as the ‘king of fruits’ is also a lot of benefits that not only obtained from the fruit but the skin and leaves are also useful. Her skin could to repel mosquitoes and treat ringworm while the leaves are widely used as a decoction for fever. But since not many people who eat the leaves, especially durian skin, the benefits of delicious durian flesh is certainly more readily available.

Here are some diseases that can be overcome by eating durian fruit which is not too much.

1. overcome constipation because many contain fiber.

2. Overcoming anemia because it contains folic acid or vitamin B9 is needed to produce red blood cells.

3. Maintaining healthy skin because it contains vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant and antiaging.

4. Contains a lot of potassium or calcium, so good for healthy bones and joints.

5. Origin does not eat too much, the content of manganese in the durian can keep blood sugar levels remain stable.

6. Contain copper compounds that can maintain the health of the thyroid gland.

7. Keeping appetite because many contain thiamine or Vitamin B1.

8. Overcoming migraine because it contains the compound riboflavin or vitamin B2.

9. Relieves stress and depression overcome because it contains vitamin B6 or pyridoxine.

10. Maintain oral health because they contain posphor.

But if you eat durian obtained even unpleasant body, try to check again how much has been eaten durian and eat what triggers duriannya friend not feeling well.